An unusually large estate deed safe for the papers of Sir William Roger Brown (1831-1902). Sir  William Roger Brown was a leading figure in Wiltshire’s textile industry and employed some thousand people in his mills. Much involved in charitable works, he provided a local school, endowed two blocks of almshouses in memory of his wife, and left money in his will for the provision of fuel for “the deserving poor”. He paid for a the building of Trowbridge Town Hall which was then presented to the people of the town as a gift. He died on May 14, 1902 and  left personal property to the value of £328,170 0?. 2d., the value of the whole of the estate amounting to £425,137 12s (about £46,000,000 pounds in today’s money).

The overall condition is very good - we have had a new key cut and the lock is fully working. Original paint finish and lettering.

Measuring: 87 cm high, 46cm wide, 33cm deep

English, c 1900