A large pair of oil on canvas portraits of a ship’s captain and his wife.   The captain holds his telescope, symbol, of his trade, his wife is portrayed on an armchair, waiting at home for him to return from his voyages.  

Both portraits are in their original frames, both bearing Aberdeen frame makers labels.  The frames were supplied at different times and are different styles and size yet both canvases are identical sizes and both bear Charles Roberson of London art suppliers stamp to the back.  Roberson only used the ‘Charles Roberson’ stamp at 51 Long Acre London, in the year 1840 which dates them rather nicely.

These are only the second pair of portraits of a ship’s captain and his wife we have handled.  Portraits of this subject are increasingly hard to find.

They have been cleaned and restored.  The sea captain’s wife has had a tear repaired and patched to the back.   Craquleure is visible on the captain.  Both frames have had some repairs over the years.


Canvas size 25” x 30” (both)

Frame - Captain: 34” x 39” Wife: 37” x 32”

c. 1840