A truly wonderful 19th century study of a ship.   The details are what really adds the character and charm to this painting.   The seagulls swoop overhead whilst other ships under full sail can be seen in the distance.  What appears to be the ship’s captain can be seen on deck and on land a house and lighthouses are depicted.   The choppiness of the waves has been captured so well given the sense that the ship is rolling.   This is without doubt the finest primitive painting of a ship we have had the pleasure to own, even if for a brief while.  We have left it entirely untouched.  It could be cleaned and reframed.   the birds eye maple frame, whilst period, clearly is not the original, and the canvas just about sits in it, but we think this adds to the rakish charm of the piece.  It is folk art and is not meant to be nice and new and shiny.   There is quite literally nothing we do not love about this painting.  Dated to to the bottom right.


65cm  x 42cm  canvas  (25.6” x 16.5”)

75 x 51 frame   (29.5” x 20”)

English, 1894