A rare surviving French bicorn hat dating to the late 18th century.  With the original now faded cockade still attached, how glorious to have seen this in the original red, white and blue!  And so evocative of revolutionary France.   To who the hat belonged we can only speculate, and what sights it must have seen.  Most generals and staff officers of the Napoleonic period worn bicorn hats.   The image above is taken from a portrait and shows a similar bicorn hat being worn by Napoleon.

Where has it been for the last 220 years, one can only speculate, but good on the many people who have decided this hat was important enough to keep.    It has suffered wear over the decades with a hole visible at the back and fading to the cockade.

In 2014 Napoleon’s bicorn hat sold for £1.2 million pounds. 

Measuring:  42 cm wide

c 1800